Feb. 16th, 2014 02:51 pm
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I know for a fact that people have lately been losing interest in actually listening to me. It's sort of taken a toll on me and I've ended up stressing about it a little too much. When I brought this up to Juliet he told me that I may need to find a way to release my stress (he barely said that, actually, but that's how I take our last conversation). So I've resorted to coming back to writing.

It's actually really stupid how dependent I am on my writing. I gave it a break for about a month since I had so much work to focus on and because of that I am actually starting to have physical manifestations of my stress. I find it really funny because I never knew how much it would actually mean in my life.

Writing, admittedly, was not something I ever thought of as a hobby growing up. I always thought it was a chore even if I did find it something I was fairly good at. It was only last year when I figured I had a chance at it. And thanks to my friends, I was able to develop it. I was able to find the art in it and stuff. 

And the this year, because I wasn't in the same class as my friends I became even more dependent on it as I abstained from human interactions. Maybe because it was trauma, maybe it was because it was just more convenient. I don't know. I haven't found out why yet. I ended up journaling and even through journaling and closing myself up from others, I found someone to consider a friend.

Ahh, writing.

Don't take me too seriously. I'm just ranting here.



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